Why You Need a Professional Handling Your Interpreter Collections Matter

The American economy depends on the small to mid-size business to help keep the country going, and California is no exception.  If you own your own business, you know how much work has gone into building your business.  Providing interpreter services is an important niche to fill, and without skilled interpreters, the legal system could not properly function.  The workers’ compensation system is included in this.  Injured workers who are not proficient in the use of the English language may need interpreter services for a range of events during their workers’ compensation case.  At the Law Offices of George E. Corson, we provide collection services to interpreter services for Labor Code 5811 services, such as depositions or legal hearings.  If you provide interpreter services, you have likely run into problems when the insurance company may not be promptly paying your invoices.  There are several reasons that you want a professional handling your interpreter collection matter.

First, you may be tempted to have a novice or even an intern try to collect your unpaid invoices.  After all, it seems like it should just take a simple phone call to remind the insurance company that they owe you money for services rendered.  However, insurance companies are typically enormous businesses, and it is important to know who exactly to contact regarding your invoices and the right legal issues to discuss.  Using a person without the right basic knowledge can mean that you are left waiting for returned calls, lost in an enormous business bureaucracy.  With an expert professional handling your collection case, we can cut right to the heart of the matter with the people at the insurance company who can actually help us get your interpreter invoice paid.

Next, we have experience in these exact types of matters.  We understand the rules, regulations, and importantly, deadlines associated with interpreter collections.  Insurance companies are required by California statute to pay your interpreter services invoices within sixty days.  We use knowledge of the rules and regulations to put pressure on the insurance companies to pay your invoices on time to keep you from having a large AR that just keeps growing over time.

Third, our services are free to you to use.  A person who is not an expert in this field may charge you by the hour, or offer to “buy” your interpreter collections bills from you for pennies on the dollar in the hopes they can do a better job at collecting the money you are owed.  However, by using our professional services, you do not have to worry about how the bill will get paid.  We send a demand letter to the insurance companies concerning your unpaid bill, which also includes a demand that they pay penalties for failure to pay on time.  If it is necessary for us to force a conference to get them to pay your invoices, we request a much larger fee, but again, it is against the company.  In other words, by using our professional services, you do not need to worry about paying the bill, as you would if you hired a lay person to try to force the insurance companies to pay your invoices.

Contact us today at 714-860-7688.  We will talk to you about your interpreter business and how we can help you collect the money you are owed from the insurance company.

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