California Medical-Legal Interpreter Invoice Recovery

Certified Interpreters grease the communication wheels of the Workers’ Compensation System.  The Law Offices of George E. Corson IV know that Interpreters provide valuable services, and we pride ourselves in streamlining the recovery process for Med-Legal services following unreasonable delay by the Insurance Carriers.  Many Translation Services pay Contract Interpreters with hard money for appearances, and then wait patiently for payment by the Carriers/Employers.  When patience transitions into impatience, we can help.

How Did My Money Become Their Money?

Workers’ Compensation is a volume industry.  With all the legal changes, Adjustors tend to send all Invoices to Bill Review rather than read and pay them.  As a result, the Adjustors either cannot or will not differentiate between Med-Legal Services and Treatment Services.  There are multiple reasons to defer Treatment Services, and we do not collect those.  Many Lien Representatives will collect unpaid/underpaid Treatment Invoices for a percentage of the total.  Some Adjustors just treat all Interpreting Invoices as Treatment Invoices, and then expect to resolve them for 25%-50% at a subsequent Lien Conference.

If you have already paid Contract Interpreters for AME/QME/Defense Deposition/WCAB Appearances, it is not convenient to wait 1-6 years to receive 50% of YOUR money.   These services are supposed to be paid or objected to within 60 days.  If you have received your money within 120 days, cash the check and move on.  If the Carriers are dragging your Accounts Receivable beyond 120 days, that money is probably not going to come in without a large stick.  A Million Dollar A/R balance is not helpful if you must file Bankruptcy because you ran out of real money.

How Do I Get My Money Into My Operating Account?

  1. The best first step is not to do Treatment services without Pre-Authorization. If you become bloated with unpaid Treatments services, you may never see profitability again.  Bloated with unpaid Med-Legal Services is at least repairable.
  2. The second step is not to do Deposition Preparation when the Defendant has already provided an Interpreter. The Party producing the witness is responsible for the Interpreter, so always be on the Defense Payroll if you can.
  3. Verify with the Defendant that is the Interpreter for the upcoming AME/QME. Keep the email or letter confirming the need for your services.
  4. Send a Proof of Service with your Invoice to the Carrier and Defense Attorney. Every time.
  5. Keep all the EORs and Objections in the same folder as your Invoices.
  6. Send your Market Rate Analysis with any reductions (with a POS).
  7. Request a Second Review when you receive a Denial/Reduction on your Services. It probably won’t change your immediate Carrier payment, but it will preserve your rights.
  8. After the Invoice goes beyond 120 Days without reasonable payment, file a Petition for Non-IBR or a Petition for 5811 Costs to get the matter before the WCAB.

Call For Assistance If Carriers Want You To Finance Them

There is a fair chance that the Insurance Company has a Billion Dollars of Assets.  If they have a Billion Dollars of Assets, they do not need to hold your money.  Do you have a Billion Dollars of Assets?  The best way to bring the Carriers to heel is to make their bad choice more expensive than the good choice.  The good choice is to pay your WCAB/AME/QME/Defense Deposition Invoices within 60-120 Days.  Your Revenue will flow, and your business will flourish.  The Carrier will also avoid unnecessary Penalties, Interest, and Attorney Fees.

The bad choice is for the Carrier to hold your money for a couple of years, double-down on a Conference, and ultimately pay $2,000 for a $350 Invoice.  Only when that happens 1000-5,000 times will someone in the Corporate Suite decide that Claims Practices must change.

The worst choice is for you to wait 3 years for payment, and then write off the Invoices because it takes too much time to collect.  This is where you are financing Claims Operations by performing/paying for the Carrier’s Interpreting obligations.  When you do this, you reinforce their bad behavior.  Do not be the Interpreter Service who becomes a doormat for the Carriers.  If you cannot stand up to them, become a Contract Interpreter and let another Service pay you money the easy way.  If you are willing to fight for what is rightfully yours, make a call and bring in a Specialist to knee-cap some Carriers.

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