How You Can Receive the Best Collection Services for Free

Workers’ compensation is an important system of laws in California.  Workers’ compensation provides a much-needed safety net to make sure that both workers and their employers are protected.  Workers have the benefit of making sure they will receive compensation if and when they sustain a work-related injury.  Employers have the benefit of knowing they will not be exposed to a civil suit in addition to making sure the employee’s bills are covered.  There are many “moving pieces” to the workers’ compensation system, and it takes many different people to make sure a claim goes through the system smoothly.  In addition to attorneys, judges, and medical providers, interpreters are often necessary to make sure the employee or even the employer can understand the proceedings and how to move forward.  If you are the owner or operator of an interpreter business in the workers’ compensation system, you may have encountered certain difficulties in collecting your invoices.  It is certainly possible that you can use someone at your business to collect your invoices or use a private collection firm.  However, there is a way you can receive the best collection services for free.

At the Law Offices of George Corson, we can help you with your interpreter collection matters free of charge.  Instead of charging you by the hour or even charging a flat fee for our interpreter collection services, we collect our fees from the carriers who have delayed in payment.  If you are a business owner or operator, you are likely all too aware that your accounts receivable can add up quickly.  This is especially true when the insurance carrier in a workers’ compensation case is dragging their feet on getting you paid on time.  Letting us collect your invoices will give you the chance to focus on providing the best possible services to your clients.  There are specific rules that an experienced attorney can use to shift the cost of recovery from you to the insurance carrier who caused the delay in the first place.  Attorney fees can be collected from a carrier who has unreasonably delayed making payment or has engaged in bad faith tactics in order to avoid paying.  Rules 10786 and 10545 both allow for these types of collection efforts from the insurance carriers.  As with most areas of workers’ compensation, there are many rules surrounding when an insurance carrier must pay interpreter invoices.  Failure to do so can result in penalties and fees being assessed to that carrier, as well as the ability to shift responsibility for collection fees to the carrier itself.  In other words, depending on the particular facts in your case, recovery of your interpreter invoices could be free to you, even when using the services of an experienced and skilled attorney.

We have extensive experience helping our clients with interpreter collection in workers’ compensation cases, and we can talk with you about your invoices and how we can help you collect the invoices, free of charge to you.  Contact us today for a consultation.

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George Corson is a very aggressive and diligent workers’ compensation defense attorney. He handles files in an expeditious manner and ensures that the client is apprised of all matters and satisfied with proposed plans of action. He is also confident and successful in litigating all matters on a file and will do so if cost efficiency is not at stake. I highly recommend this attorney.


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